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Introducing Puerto Rico News

Víctor R. Martínez


Puerto Rico News is a recently launched page that will be part of Centro’s website and which has the purpose to inform and promote the discussion among stateside Puerto Ricans about the current events related to Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis.

This initiative is part of Centro’s Round Table on Puerto Rico, which is a group that was created in September of last year with the purpose of monitoring the implementation of PROMESA and its impact on Puerto Rico. The members of the Round Table are legal, economic, and financial experts, as well as academics and community leaders that are located in the mainland United States and Puerto Rico.

The page has three components:

  • First, you can find briefs written by members of the Round Table or Centro’s staff that explain recent events that are happening and that relate to Puerto Rico’s crisis.
  • Second, you will find news articles that have been published in different media outlets in the mainland United States and Puerto Rico. This feature will present all the news articles about Puerto Rico’s crisis. This is a great tool for people that want to know how US media outlets are covering Puerto Rico’s crisis. Also, rather than visiting different pages to learn about what is happening in Puerto Rico, you can just visit the PR news page and have access to all this information in the same place.
  • Third, in the PR News page you will find different kinds of resources that could help people that are working on research about Puerto Rico or that just want to know a little more. The resources are public records, reports, presentations, and other materials related to the island. For example, here you can find the PROMESA law, the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico report, and other kind of resources that could help people reach an even greater understanding of the events in Puerto Rico.

We wanted to make the page user friendly and easy navigate. For this reason, we also decided to create ten sections where people will find information related to that specific topic. For example, we have a section that addresses Political Status, where people will find briefs, news, and resources related to that topic. Other topics are Debt restructuring, Congress, Economic Development, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, Fiscal Oversight Board, Government of Puerto Rico, Health Care, and Pension System. And, we are currently adding a section on Puerto Rican citizenship that has evolved from the recent research and engagement work of Centro on this topic.

This initiative is important because it informs stateside Puerto Ricans about the events that are happening in Puerto Rico. Last year, Centro had a successful conference in which we saw the necessity and the hunger that stateside Puerto Ricans have when it comes to knowing what is happening in Puerto Rico. With the approval of the PROMESA act, the interest has increased even more and stateside Puerto Ricans want to know what the Fiscal Oversight Board is doing, how the debt restructuring is going, the implications of this on the political status debate, and how these policies are affecting our families in Puerto Rico.

It is important for stateside Puerto Ricans to stay informed about what is happening in Puerto Rico. Stateside Puerto Ricans are the ones with the right to vote for the President and Congressional officials. Currently, we are the majority with more than 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the mainland; it is our responsibility to learn about the issues and act.

It is both personal and political. For example, my mother lives in Puerto Rico. She works in the Department of Education, and I am concerned about what will happen to her pension system. Like me, there are hundreds of young Puerto Ricans that have moved recently to the mainland and need to be informed of what is happening in the island and how it can affect our parents that are still living in the island and that could be affected by the crisis.

If we do not stay informed about what is happening in the island and do not act, then who will do it for us? That's why PR news is part of other initiatives, like the Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans conference, which give stateside Puerto Ricans the tools to learn about the issues that are affecting Puerto Rico.

If you would like to contribute content or suggest adding news or documents, please contact us at PuertoRicoNews@hunter.cuny.edu.