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Centro Voices e-Magazine Call For Pitches Fall/Winter 2017-18


With the upcoming Fall semester fast approaching, Centro Voices e-magazine would like to announce its call for pitches with specific themes to be addressed in the coming months. The examples below are for illustration purposes. Feel free to submit your own ideas and preferences. 

For those interested in contributing to the magazine, we are looking for essays that range from 700 to 1,200 words, though longer pieces of writing may be considered. Pitches should be sent to centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response. Thank you and we look forward to reading your work!

Theme: Puerto Ricans & House/Freestyle Music

Summary: From Lisa Lisa to Louie Vega, to the early careers of Marc Anthony, La India, and more, Puerto Ricans played  an integral role in the genres of house and freestyle music during the 1980s and 1990s. We are looking for writing that explores some of this history, specifically through a Puerto Rican lens. What were some of the biggest hits from Puerto Rican artists Which Puerto Rican producers deserve more credit for their contributions? What is the legacy they left behind? For reference, check out this oral history produced by the Red Bull Music Academy on the history of Freestyle.

Theme: Puerto Ricans in Hip-Hop

Summary: As former Centro researcher Raquel Z. Rivera showed in her book, New York Ricans From the Hip-Hop Zone, Puerto Ricans have been part of hip-hop culture since the very beginning, as graffiti artists, DJs, producers, b-boys, and more recently, as MCs.  We are looking for writing that explores the history of Puerto Ricans in hip-hop. So let’s revisit the classic records of Puerto Rican MCs such as Big Pun or Hurricane G, the legacy of b-boys like Richard Colón, aka Crazy Legs, or even the platforms created by radio personalities like Bobbito García or Angie Martínez. 

Theme: Classic Puerto Rican Literature

Summary: From the early critical discourse of the early pioneers to the Nuyorican movement, we are interested in articles that revisit some of the classics of the stateside Puerto Rican literature in hopes of making them relevant within a modern and contemporary context. Why are these writers and the works they left behind still relevant today? How have they aged since their publication? How do  they compare to other works of Puerto Rican literature? We are looking for writing that looks into the past, whether that be in the form of a book review or a short essay.

Theme: Classic Puerto Rican Film & Television

Summary: Short Eyes, a film based on the play by Nuyorican playwright Miguel Piñero, celebrates its 40th  anniversary this year. Many of the themes in the play, as discussed by Armond White, are still quite relevant today. And as filmmaker Judith Escalona outlines in her essay on Nuyorican cinema, there are many questions to explore and interpretations to consider. We are looking for writing that revisits some of the classic examples of Puerto Rican film and television, and explores the legacy of  pioneers in this genre. 

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