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Celebrating las Navidades Boricuas Around the World

Puerto Ricans are on every corner of the globe, from Santo Domingo to San Diego to Shanghai. It is well known that more of us live away from the island than on it. And as we disperse throughout the globe we have adapted our “Navidades Boricuas” to new contexts.

All over the web, Puerto Ricans are sharing daily their “espíritu navideño” through recipes, photos and videos. I culled from social media how Boricuas are celebrating, preserving and transforming “Las Navidades” and put together this virtual map. By clicking the red points, you can see their stories.  

If you wish to share a quote with us on how you celebrate your Navidades Boricuas please send it to centro.voices@hunter.cuny.edu or join the conversation in social media using #CentroVoices.

Take a look at the map below.


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