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Dozens of young Puerto Rican scholars, many of them recipients of the 100 academic...Read more
“Help me help my people,” is what Rich “Crazy Legs” Colón of the legendary Rock Steady...Read more
Last year’s inaugural Summit on Latinos , or S.O.L., established an annual event where...Read more
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About Centro Voices e-Magazine

Centro Voices is an online magazine covering the current affairs, history, arts and culture of Puerto Ricans in the United States. It is directed to and written by members of our nationwide communities, functioning as the vehicle connecting the multiple manifestations of Puerto Rican identity and culture.

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Send your work (800-1,500 words) along with any additional queries to email: centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu.

We're looking to publish work related to the Puerto Rican experience here in the United States, including:

  • Book reviews on Puerto Rican texts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic)
  • Puerto Rican cultural or historical essays
  • Interviews with Puerto Rican artists (music, film, literature, etc.)
  • Photo Essays focusing on Puerto Rican community and culture
  • Community reporting cultural events or on organizations serving Puerto Rican neighborhoods
Current Affairs
Dozens of young Puerto Rican scholars, many of them recipients of the 100 academic...
Editor’s Note: On April 17, the Centro Oral History Project, led by program coordinator...
It’s hard to miss the cabezudos that line the hallway of the Loisaida Center once you...
Arts & Culture
On Thursday, May 3rd, Centro hosted the premiere screening of its latest film, AmeRícan...