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Centro's virtual programming

Cuando se cierra una puerta, se abre una ventana:  Our doors may be temporarily closed, but our “windows” are open for business. Social distancing measures to address COVID-19 have led us to curtail face-to-face interactions with our students, faculty, scholars and the community at large. We are following protocols as outlined by Hunter College and the City University of New York, of which we are part. Still, as with other catastrophic events, we are engaging this latest crisis. Our new webinar series on Covid-19 Webinar Series for first responders and community leaders is a case in point. We also continue to provide services and programming to the broader Centro community and the best means to access these is through our webpage.

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Compatriotas bear in mind that, over the past three years, Puerto Ricans in the United States and in Puerto Rico have lived through tremendous trials and tribulations brought about by natural disasters, economic crises and now a worldwide pandemic. Yet, through it all, Puerto Ricans have shown their resilience, resourcefulness and solidarity. These characteristics will see us through this crisis as well.

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Puerto Ricans in Florida State, 2019

 (English PDF)

Puerto Ricans in Florida State, 2019
(español PDF)

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