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PR Voices S3E8: The Finale

Centro Staff


In this episode, we celebrate the season finale of Puerto Rican Voices with three more segments which include a profile of the Serrano sisters, two world class boxing champions in Brooklyn; a look into the Green Light District initiative led by El Puente which aims to help the community of Los Sures; and the spotlight on the work being done by ASPIRA within the Puerto Rican and Latino community in Philadelphia. Each segment is available in the videos below. Enjoy! And thank you for tuning into the only television show that highlights the contributions of Puerto Ricans to their communities throughout the United States!

In 2003, Cindy Serrano took up boxing at a time when the sport didn’t offer much recognition for women. A few years later, her younger sister Amanda began to train. Since then, both Serrano sisters have gone on to become world champions–as well as icons within the sport, in Puerto Rico, and for little girls in need of positive role models. In this profile of the two Brooklyn-bred boxers, learn about their views on the evolution of the sport, their early beginnings, and what success has meant to them as two Puerto Rican siblings challenging one another to achieve greatness. Watch the full segment below:

El Puente has been serving the south-side Williamsburg community for over 34 years and for the past ten, they have led an initiative called the Green Light District, which aims to stimulate the neighborhood in the areas of health and wellness, arts and culture, education, environmental justice and open spaces, and affordable living. Once an industrial wasteland, El Puente has been working to promote this initiative in an area still plagued by air pollution and other environmental issues. Learn more their work by watching the video below:

ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania is one of the earliest organizations to confront the neglect of the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia. Founded in 1961 by Antonia Pantoja, today they continue that work, with a special priority for young students in the area–often connecting them to their Puerto Rican culture and heritage through the “Aspirante” program, which includes community work, academic support, and other club activities. They also recently launched a “cyber-school” which provides bilingual education and has grown to include almost 300 students. Learn more about this legendary community organization by clicking the link below:

That’s it for the third season of Puerto Rican Voices. As always, we encourage you to visit the Centro TV page on Vimeo and watch every episode of the series, which are available for streaming online. Thank you again for your support!