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PR Voices S3E7: The Pride of Our People

Centro Staff


To be Puerto Rican is to be proud. In this episode of Puerto Rican Voices (the penultimate of season three!), we bring you three examples of what it means to represent our people. Visual artist María Domínguez does this by working with the community to create large scale murals that represent Puerto Rican history and culture. AfroTaíno Productions works to promote Puerto Rican artists and connect them to the diaspora. And lastly, the Borinqueneers, who after years of neglect, are finally receiving their due. Check out each segment and a short summary below. Enjoy!

Arriving in the Lower East Side from Puerto Rico in 1954, visual artist María Domínguez has spent her career developing a body of work influenced by her culture, her identity, and her family. That includes community murals and forming part of the Nuyorican movement of the 1970s and 80s. Domínguez is also an arts educator and has worked in schools around the city. Learn more about the artist and how her work has reached the community by clicking on the video below:

In this interview with Márangeli Mejía–Rabell, founder of the Philadelphia-based organization AfroTaíno Productions, learn about the work she and her organizations does to organize, curate, and produce events for the Puerto Rican community; including partnering with other organizations such as ASPIRA, Taller Puertorriqueño, and the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival to celebrate and promote the work of Puerto Rican artists such as Ileana Cabra and Calma Carmona. Check out the full segment below:

In 2014, the 65th Infantry Regiment, more famously known as the Borinqueneers, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor given by the US Congress. The award came after renewed interest in the history of the unit, including their involvement in the Korean War. In this segment, former Centro researcher Harry Franqui-Rivera narrates the history of the 65th Infantry Regiment and describes events in Washington D.C. and New York which were held to commemorate the award. Watch the full segment below:

That's it for this week. There's one episode remaining in the season. Segments include profiles of Aspira, Inc. in Philadelphia, El Puente in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the Serrano sisters, a boxing dynasty. Until then, check out more episodes of Puerto Rican Voices available for streaming on our Vimeo page.