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PR Voices S2E7: Continuing our legacy

By Centro Staff

Puerto Rican communities across the nation have been working hard to cultivate our heritage. This is best showcased by the presence of cultural institutions and individuals who are dedicated to elevating

our history and culture. Tune into this week’s episode of Puerto Rican voices to learn more about three different groups who are doing their part to enhance our Puertorriqueñidad while leaving a legacy of their own.

First up, we present you the Desfile Puertorriqueño de la Florida. This annual event celebrates the growing Puerto Rican community of Kissimmee, Florida. Once a small volunteer based operation--it now boasts a parade, business expo and health fair. The organization’s President Ingrid Figueroa and Activity Director Joanne Pietri tell us about the story behind Florida’s growing Puerto Rican parade.

Next, we introduce you to Ada Lopez and her book Asi Somos/Who We Are. This Chicago based project was a response to the negative portrayal of Puerto Rico in an article by the National Geographic. Believing that such negativity doesn’t define our culture, Ada went out with photographer Mark Joseph to capture the true essence of the Puerto Rican community. In this ten year project, spanning across the island and the mainland, the two go on to capture uplifting images and stories that give a true portrait of how our culture has evolved positively.

Finally, we introduce you to Afro-Boricua spoken word poet Noel Quiñones. A current CantoMundo and Emerging Poets Fellow, Quiñones’ work explores the history and meaning of the Puerto Rican identity stateside. Highly influenced by the diverse culture of The Bronx, his work is an attempt to connect members of the community by exploring their shared history. He speaks to us about his goals, career, and the workshops he offers.

That’s it for this week’s episode of Puerto Rican Voices! We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and continue to watch us every week. Remember, all the episodes are available online to stream anytime. Start the conversation using hashtag #Boricuasonline. Join us next week for more Puerto Rican Voices!