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PR Voices S2E6: Making Waves

By Centro Staff

Across the nation Puerto Rican cultural institutions express themselves differently. From museums to dance crews people come come together with the common goal of advancing and preserving the Boricua roots that we hold dear. In this week’s episode of Puerto Rican voices, we introduce you to three organizations that are working in their stateside communities to empower Puerto Ricans everywhere. 

First up, we bring you Lechonera El Jibarito of Florida. Lisandra Roman used her to sazon to create a food business, which became a breeding ground for live music events, and even a radio show. Roman started from humble beginnings, but utilized her talents to unify the Puerto Rican community in Kissimmee Florida, you won’t want to miss her inspiring story. 

Next, we bring you the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture of Chicago. Starting with just a group of volunteers and an old abandoned building, the museum began taking shape in 1999. It has expanded beyond those interests to become one of the first national institutes dedicated to preserving and showcasing Puerto Rican culture. We speak with the President of the museum, Ray Vasquez, and Executive Director Billy Oscasio, about the history of the museum and their hope for the institute to last long into the coming generations. 

Finally, we bring you The Bronx Boys (TBB) of New York. Starting off as a graffiti crew, the group of young Puerto Ricans from the Bronx developed into a dance crew in the 80s. With influences from the stateside and island based Puerto Rican communities they’ve become an institution that’s goal is to bring about positive social change throughout the globe. In this segment, we speak to the founders and members of TBB about the history and the mission behind their group. 

And we’re done with this week’s episode of Puerto Rican Voices! We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and continue tuning as this season continues. Remember, all the episodes are available online to stream anytime! Continue the conversation online using hashtag #Boricuasonline. We will see you all next week!