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Puerto Rican Voices

DIASPORA SOLIDARITY Puerto Rican Voices travels the United States to profile those offered food, medicine, shelter and jobs to displaced Puerto Ricans. From Massachusetts to Florida, see how Puerto Ricans joined forces to help Rebuild Puerto Rico.
ENERGY From Solar micro-grids to energy co-ops, Puerto Rican Voices highlights communities that are working on a more resilient electrical system.
AGRICULTURE Puerto Rican Voices sheds light on the agriculture crisis on the Island and the farmers that have dug in to Rebuild Puerto Rico
NY RESPONSE When hurricane Maria hit the island, the diaspora in New York responded immediately with short and long term solutions helping hundreds of Puerto Ricans inside and outside the island.
HOUSING Puerto Rican Voices highlights Diaspora organizations and local initiatives who have contributed greatly to Rebuilding Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
CHATGATE, CORRUPTION AND LOS INDIGNADOS Indignation about vulgar, racist, and homophobic messages and enduring corruption were key motivating factors for the ousting of Puerto Rico's former Governor Ricardo Rosello and arrests and resignations of high level government officials. Puerto Rican Voices...
FLORIDA RESPONSE The massive influx of students and families that relocated to Florida After Hurricane Maria inspired an unprecedented response from the diaspora in the heart of the Sunshine State.
ECONOMY Highlighting the Social entrepreneurship movement in Puerto Rico, this episode offers the opportunity to listen to experts on this topic and learn about the economic recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico.
In this episode, we celebrate the season finale of Puerto Rican Voices with three more segments which include a profile of the Serrano sisters, two world class boxing champions in Brooklyn; a look into the Green Light District initiative led by El Puente which aims to help the community of Los...
To be Puerto Rican is to be proud. In this episode of Puerto Rican Voices (the penultimate of season three!), we bring you three examples of what it means to represent our people. Visual artist María Domínguez does this by working with the community to create large scale murals that represent...