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      I suppose I argue against myself when I say that our Caribbean map says little of proximity. The relevance of geography is tantamount: political demarcations are critical to understanding lived realities, flat ink on paper is necessary to understanding history. But the fixity of physical proximity speaks only to external maps, and nothing of the ways our internal maps are worked and reworked by our own senses of space and place and where we are and where we belong. The elbow of the Caribbean, the chain’s hinge, this cluster of islands that makes up the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico’s island municipalities, is as much a part of the greater Caribbean as it is a region unto itself. If we remap this archipelago, the ways Vieques and St. Croix reflect not only the ways they are drawn or the geo-political consequences of neocolonialism, but the ways they continue to impact the cultural, ethnic and linguistic fabric of each other,must also be read in the humanity of people. Who we are, how we live, what we feel. How these connections are just as important.

      So, there they are: notes from the field. Two weeks in one place on the map.

Just a beginning.

Uploaded - 2010.

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