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Charlie "Isa" Guzman

Monday, 06/27/16
Since 1958, the Puerto Rican Day Parade has been an event that brings together several organizations dedicated to preserving and advancing Puerto Rican culture. Capicu Culture, a grassroots organization out of Brooklyn, is a multicultural arts collective inspired by the Nuyorican Poets Café. The organization hosts live events like the... + continue reading

Néstor David Pastor

Friday, 06/24/16
“I had no idea of the amount of connections I had in New York...it’s like reaping the benefits of ten years worth of work,” says singer-songwriter Fernandito Ferrer on his recent move to the city. The cosecha is already opening doors. Just last month, Fania Records released the second of two videos which feature Fernandito... + continue reading
Saturday, 06/18/16
I was born in Añasco and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. There was never any doubt that I was Puerto Rican.  It was impossible to be anything else. Everything from the the food I ate, to the clothes I wore and the music I liked to the language and jeringonza and the way I spoke it- all confirmed my Puertoricanness. Because my... + continue reading

Charlie 'Isa' Guzman

Friday, 06/10/16
Ivan Velez Jr. is a little-known Bronx artist with great significance to the comic book industry. Creator of the 80s comic series Tales of the Closet, and Co-Creator of the early 90s series Blood Syndicate, Ivan has drawn comics that give greater representation to racial and sexual diversity. Ivan’s focus throughout his career has been to... + continue reading

Néstor David Pastor

Friday, 06/10/16
Salsa music is blasting onto a busy street in Ridgewood, Queens. A row of cars parked on the lot of a car dealership are sporting the Puerto Rican flag across their hoods. And tethered to the street lamp on the corner are three flags: the American, the Puerto Rican, and the rainbow flag of the LGBT community. It’s windy this Friday... + continue reading
Tuesday, 05/31/16
During a recent CantoMundo reading at NYU, the large crowd is waiting to hear the spoken word of Willie Perdomo and be transported into the heart of El Barrio. His craft is wrought with many stories from the streets of El Barrio where he grew up, which has made his work relatable to a broad audience. The language he uses also evokes a sense of... + continue reading

By: Berta Jottar

Monday, 05/23/16
When I was invited to interview Linda Viera Caballero, better known as the Salsa Princess: La India,  the first thing that came to my head was “Love and Happiness,” a house music soundtrack that guided a substantial amount of my life when I lived in the San Diego-Tijuana border region. Love and Happiness is a tribute to the... + continue reading

Néstor David Pastor

Monday, 05/23/16
I overhear an older woman leaning toward her friend to tell her, “Es un Da Vinci,” as they each take another astonished look around the room. The friend nods while waiting to speak with the artist.  The Puerto Rican Da Vinci, I correct her in my head, as if the crudeness of her innocent remark was somehow incomplete. ... + continue reading
Friday, 05/13/16
Sometimes, bochinche is harmless. People talk trash, others listen and think nothing of it. End of story. But in other cases, bochinche is like a loose thread, one which director Cecilia Aldarondo began to pull, in earnest, more than four years ago. The result, a documentary entitled Memories of a Penitent Heart, provides an autobiographical... + continue reading