Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2015-Spring 2016

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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 The Carlos Ortiz Collection, 1940s-2006 [PDF]


Photographer, documentary filmmaker and co-founder of the Nubia Music Society. The Carlos Ortiz Collection documents the creator’s two main interests: Latin music and the South Bronx. It is a resource for research on the history of the South Bronx, and in particular, the Puerto Rican community in the Longwood neighborhood, from the dire 1970s to the rebirth in the 1990s. The collection also serves to understand the New York Latin jazz and salsa scene and its legendary stars in a musical and historical context: Ray Barretto, Celia Cruz, Frank “Machito” Grillo, Charlie Palmieri and Tito Puente. It contains materials on the political movements, demonstrations and protests in the City over the course of thirty years. Community institutions such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade, the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre and the United Bronx Parents are also represented. The collection  includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, photographs (negatives, prints and slides), and audiovisual materials. 


Orta, Awilda Collection

Bilingual education director from 1980 to 1983 under Chancellor Anthony Alvarado. She worked previously in District 4 in East Harlem. She was an active member and officer of the Puerto Rican Educators Association, the National Association for Bilingual Education and the New York State Association for Bilingual Education





Pacheco, Benjamin
Artist, donated two of his collages [Art and Culture]


Pacheco Padro, Antonio
Antonio Pacheco Padro was a political journalist who founded a Puerto Rican Revolutionary Party in New York in 1934 and served as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The Antonio Pacheco Padro collection consists of Padro’s certificate of incorporation into Editorial La Prensa. The collection dates to 1963.



Pagán, Carlos [PDF]
The Papers of Rehabilitation Program Pioneers Julio Martínez, Carlos Pagán and Pedro Falcón are an important resource that documents the contributions that these three Puerto Rican pioneers made to drug treatment and prevention programs in New York City and throughout the country. The collection consists of awards, correspondence, clippings, flyers, notes, programs, publications, photographs, writings and a CD and DVD.

Pagán, Muriel
Former Director of Bilingual Education for the Division of Special Education within the New York City Board of Education, Assistant Principal and teacher. Collection measures 0.5 cubic feet and includes correspondence, information on P.S. 25 – The Bilingual School, on the Office of Bilingual Services, on education, programs to conferences on bilingual education, the proceedings of a conference held by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto on the education of Puerto Rican children on the mainland, and some publications. Materials date from 1960-1980.

Pantoja, Antonia   [PDF] [ENGL]
The Antonia Pantoja Papers provide are an invaluable resource for information on organizational efforts within the Puerto Rican community and the strides in community development achieved by one of its greatest advocates. Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, photographs, flyers, posters, clippings, proposals, reports, speeches, videotapes and audiocassettes.


Perez, Federico Papers

This collection is made up of one folder of photographs that document, among other things, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, the Puerto Rican Community Development Project, local clubs and associations, as well as several community events.



Perez, Nelida Collection

Former Centro's librarian and archivist, the collection contains several art works by artist Jorge Soto, sound recordings and some family photographs


Perez, Sofia Photographs Collection

Community activist and organizer in Brooklyn., she was active in the Association of Puerto Rican Women, Fiesta Folkl6rica and the Puerto Rico Community Development Project (PRCDP). In August 1957, she incorporated and started McKibb Star Social and Athletic Club Inc. Mckibb Star would become the venue for her community activism, political organizing and cultural events. The collection documents her political activism, and the social and cultural events she organized with her community


Perez-Mesa, Guillermo "Puerto Rican Stamps Collection" (in memory of Jose Colon)

Collection of Puerto Rican stamps dating from 1873 to 1971. Most of the stamps are included in the Album de Sellos de Puerto Rico. Among the collection highlights are: early stamps from 1870s to 1898, first stamps in circulation during the early years of United States domination, the 400th anniversary of Puerto Rico's discovery, the First Gubernatorial Election 1949 and the 450th Anniversary (1521-1971) of San Juan City foundation.




Pérez, Richie  [PDF]
The Richie Pérez Papers are an important resource for the study of political activism and grassroots organizing on the part of Puerto Ricans and their allies in New York City over the past forty years. In addition, they provide insightful documentation on anti-police brutality movements and on a number of community organizations. The materials in this collection consist of personal documents, clippings, articles, photographs, speeches, certificates, flyers, correspondence, audiocassettes, videocassettes, slides, CDs, DVDs and artifacts.


Pietri, Pedro   [PDF]
The Pedro Pietri Papers are an invaluable resource for information on the eclectic career of one of the Puerto Rican community’s most prolific and experimental writers, as well as one of the founders of the Nuyorican poetry movement. Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, photographs, flyers, posters, writings, artifacts, artwork, videotapes and audiocassettes.


Ramírez de Arellano, Diana  [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Author of numerous books of poetry and literary criticism and a Poet Laureate of Puerto Rico. Distinguished academic and founder of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño de Nueva York. Collection documents cultural expression among Puerto Ricans in New York City, artistic and literary activities, and the work and history of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño de Nueva York. Consists of letters, minutes, articles, books, programs, newspaper clippings, audiotapes and phonograph records.

Ramirez, Tina Papers

Dancer and choreogapher of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. Ramirez founded Ballet Hispanico dance company in 1970 and served for 39 years as its artistic director. She was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2005. The materials include news clippings, notebooks, photos, slides, documents and videos. The contents of the collec­ tion were used by the school for advertisement purposes. The collection also contains oversize photographs, videos in several formats and several audio recordings in differ­ent formats

Ramos Zayas, Ana
Measuring 0.5 cubic feet, this collection is comprised of copies of documents from the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago on the Puerto Rican community. Materials date from 1951 to 1976.


Ray Ramos  [PDF]

Ray Ramos is a renowned composer, sonero, performer and bandleader with over 40 years in the music business, 20 recorded CD’s and about 60 recorded tracks.    In the beginning stages as a salsa musician he performed background vocals and lead vocals for bands such as ‘The Ralphi Pagan Sextet’, and lead vocals for Joey Aponte, Louie Rey and others.  In 1976 he joined ‘El Conjunto Saoco’, recording his first album with Salsoul Records as lead singer. He recorded three albums with “Saoco” thereafter.  He eventually went on to form his own band ‘La Charanga Sensual’ and later formed the ‘Ray Ramos y Su Sonora Orchestra’ in 1981.  He has performed at venues such as The Copacabana, El Flamingo, La Maganet, La Bar Bat, among many others and has toured all over the world in countries such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, England, Canada, Martinique.  He continues to be active, performing in various locations throughout the United States and abroad.  

Restrepo, Clara and Archilla Family
The Clara Restrepo and Archilla Family Collection consists of .05 cubic feet of items, including 5 portraits belonging to Restrepo and biographical and historical documents from the Archilla Family Reunion, which took place in June of 1979 in Dallas, Texas. Included among the biographical sketches is a piece by Graciany Miranda Archilla, a poet, journalist, essayist and co-founder of an important literary movement, whose papers we hold in our archives. The collection dates from 1931 to 1979.



Reyes, Luis O.  [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Educator, scholar, activist, and university professor. Collection contains information on bilingual education and multicultural education, New York City public schools, school dropouts, language rights, minority rights, HIV/AIDS education, ASPIRA of New York, Inc., educational reform, the Board of Education of the City of New York, and numerous organizations. Consists of administrative files, letters, memoranda, notes, notebooks, minutes, reports, announcements and newspaper clippings.

Reynolds, Ruth M.   [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN[Audio Index]
The Ruth M. Reynolds Papers can support research in important areas of Puerto Rican History as well as in North American participation in international human rights. While they are exceedingly rich in insight and information about the development of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico and its leader, Pedro Albizu Campos, they also contain materials on other pro-independence groups in Puerto Rico, on repression and political prisoners, and on the colonial relationship of the United States to Puerto Rico. There is also a good amount of information on the history of the University of Puerto Rico and on student movements.

Rivera Barreto, Rita 
Rita Rivera Barreto, also known as Rita Morales, was an active member of the Puerto Rican community in the Bronx and became the first Puerto Rican to serve as president of the board of directors of the Pamela C. Torres Day Care Center, an organization founded by Frank Torres and his wife Yolanda Iola Márquez in 1958 and named after their daughter, who died of leukemia in her infancy. The Rita Rivera Barreto collection consists of .12 cubic feet of items, including a biography, clippings and photographs. The collection was donated by her son José Morales, who worked for the Migration Division of the Puerto Rican Department of Labor.

Rivera, Dennis
Labor leader and former President of New York's largest health care union, 1199/S.E.I.U. United Healthcare Workers East, currently chairman of the million-member health-care division of the Service Employees International Union, his local's parent. Measuring 4 cubic feet, the majority of the collection is made up of plaques honoring Rivera’s achievements, but also includes writings by Rivera, articles on Rivera, photographs and negatives documenting his personal and professional lives, artifacts, as well as bound volumes of 1199 News.

Rivera, Peter
New York State Assemblyman. Collection is made up of photographs documenting Rivera’s political career. Materials date from circa 1990s to the present.



Rivera, Raquel Z. [PDF]
The Raquel Z. Rivera Hip Hop/Reggaeton Collection helps document Puerto Rican contributions to the creation and development of hip hop and reggaeton both in the United States and Puerto Rico. Highlights of the collection include an extensive audiocassette and compact disc collection, essays written by Rivera on hip hop and reggaeton and paper documentation on numerous artists.




Rodríguez, Augusto
Composer, conductor and arranger, brother of fellow musician Willie Rodríguez. Collection measures approximately 1 cubic foot and contains photographs, audiocassettes, (1) reel-to-reel audio tape, clippings, correspondence, plaques, medals, information on the Coro de la Universidad de Puerto Rico and on Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. Materials date from 1910-1987.



Rodriguez, Camille Papers
Camille Rodríguez is an educator who participated in the early Centro Directiva (1973-1974) and served as Staff Associate (1976-1994), and Research Director (1994 -1997) for the Higher Education Task Force. Rodríguez worked closely with Founding Director Frank Bonilla in navigating the development of an innovative research and advocacy institute within the largest urban university in the United States – the City University of New York (CUNY). As Staff Associate, she was a permanent member of the Centro’s Steering Committee and played a supportive role in all Centro research areas including the building of the Centro library, and the Centro’s ongoing connections to community and university-based groups. Throughout her tenure, Rodríguez co-authored articles and publications on education and was a strong advocate for improving the educational outcomes for Puerto Ricans and other historically-excluded groups. In addition, Rodríguez was one of the lead plaintiffs in a 1992 lawsuit filed by the CUNY Coalition of Concerned Faculty and Staff to highlight inequities in state funding to CUNY. She briefly served as the Centro’s Interim Director when Frank Bonilla retired. The collection includes papers, posters, programs related to the Centro and other events within and outside of CUNY.

Rodríguez Calero, Gloria
Visual artist. Collection measures 4.5 cubic feet and includes correspondence from Lorenzo Homar, a fellow artist, and a number of books, exhibition catalogues and other ephemera. Included as well are sample artworks, posters documenting performances conducted by Augusto Rodríguez and a map of Puerto Rico. The materials date from 1949-2006.



Rodríguez, Rafael
A distinguished literary critic and gay rights activist, his papers contain writings, pamphlets, flyers, and some correspondence with authors. [Arts and Culture, Gender]





Rodríguez, Robert
Collection measures 0.25 cubic feet and contains information on the Tito Puente Scholarship Fund, photographs, a photo album, New York based Latino magazines and concert programs. It dates from the 1950s through the mid-1980s.




Rodríguez, Sandra
Actress, singer and one of the original members of Pregones Theater. Collection measures 2 cubic feet and contains flyers, programs, postcards, videos, CD’s, audiocassettes and numerous books and publications that document Rodríguez’s career, but also the Puerto Rican/Latino theater scene in New York City. A highlight of the materials is an original letter from Julia de Burgos. Materials date from 1953-2005, with the bulk concentrating on the period from the 1980s to 2005.


Rodríguez Trías, Helen   [PDF] [ENGL]
The Helen Rodríguez-Trías Papers help chronicle the professional activities and contributions of a dedicated and well-respected public health advocate and practitioner. A Puerto Rican pediatrician, public health leader and women’s rights activist, she worked tirelessly throughout her career to expand the range of health care services available to women and children, especially those in underserved and marginalized communities in Puerto Rico and across the United States. The collection is made up of correspondence, clippings, letters, memoranda, programs, awards, flyers, writings, speeches, notes, publications, photographs, videotapes, audiocassettes and slides.

Roldán, Sandra
Guitarist and musician. Collection measures 1 cubic foot and consists primarily of photographs that document Roldán’s performance career. Included as well are a number of photographic negatives. The materials date from the mid-1970s through the late 1990s. 


Romero, Mario César
Romero is an art historian, consultant and collector. He was a founder of and participant in various organizations both cultural and political. His papers reflect his involvement in these areas and contain rare pamphlets, posters, flyers, correspondence with artists, and an impressive collection of photographs. The collection consists of 19 cubic feet. [Arts and Culture, Family and Community Life]

Rovira Family Papers
The Rovira Family Papers are a genealogy collection consisting of .05 cubic feet of personal documents, including certificates of birth, baptism, marriage, identification, social security benefits, and death, as well as various certificates from a masonic fraternity and a document on the masonic moral code, dating from 1935 to 1952. The collection was donated by Angélica Rovira.